Model Release Agreement

This agreement allows both the Photographer and the Model(s) to print, distribute, and use the Photos for lawful purposes, as specified and limited below. This form was derived from similar standardized forms commonly recommended for models and photographers, with the intention of preventing any misunderstanding or costly litigation. This Model Release covers all future photoshoots made by the photographer and the model.

Federal Law

The Model understands that, according to Federal law, even without a signed release, the copyright and all other lawful rights to the Photos belong exclusively to the Photographer and his/her assigns. The Model also realizes that, by law, without a license such as this one from the Photographer, no printing or posting or reproduction of any images taken would be permissible.

Use License

This personal use license allows the Model to print and share approved Photos with friends and family, and to use the Photos in portfolios, exhibitions, internet websites, publication submission for approvals and contests. This license to use the Photos applies only to images which have been retouched and approved by the Photographer. It does not apply to any raw, proof, or other un-retouched images. This license is limited to personal use and the Model agrees to not sell or transfer publication rights of the Photos to anyone who would use them without the written consent of the Photographer through a separate commercial license.

Use of Images

In consideration for the receipt of digital images, the Model agrees that the Photographer may print, sell, and/or show the Photos, including the use of the Photos in portfolios, business promotions, exhibitions, publications, internet websites, contests, and advertising with the consent of the Model. The Photos may be used intact or in part, composite, retouched or edited in character or form, without restriction, and without review or approval of the model. The Model’s name may be associated with the Photos, but is not required to be. The Model agrees to not alter any images, to leave the Photographer’s logo intact, and to properly credit the Photographer for his work when posting to the Model’s sites, including tags on Social Media. The Model shall communicate this understanding to publishers, advertisers, designers and other third parties that act on Model’s behalf to create presentation material using the Photos.

Liability Release

The Model releases the Photographer and/or his/her assigns from any liability or claims of libel, slander, or invasion of privacy or right of publicity as a result of the publication, sale, or display of the Photos unless it can be undoubtedly proven that the use of the Photos was malicious and intended to publicly present the Model in an unfavorable light. The Model confirms that all poses, positions, and situations presented in the Photos were entered into willingly, without force or coercion.

Model Legal Age

The Model also states that he/she is over the age of majority or if not, is signing this document with the approval of Parent or Adult Guardian, has the right to contract in their own name, and did not breach any prior contracts when this contract was formed. Both the Model and the Photographer have read and agreed to the foregoing terms and conditions.

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