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Each actor and actress needs a good headshot, it has to be attractive and natural, it must stand out. An actor Headshot must catch the attention of those looking for new faces like agencies and producers.

Headshots are like a beginning, it is typically the very first thing agents notice in your portfolio book or composite card.  A natural headshot should be one of the first things actors and actresses should work on in their portfolio development adventure.

Chalo Garcia  is a Lifestyle Photographer based in San Jose, Costa Rica that can provide portfolio headshots for actors / actresses, including professional profile photos for social media or any other online portfolio.

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Actors should look natural, should look as they are!

Chalo Garcia offers a different perspective that makes any actor or actress portfolio headshot very unique which helps unwind the actor’s capacity to venture into a very strong self-confidence moment to achieve the best look. Chalo takes the necessary time to bring the best of anybody’s headshots.

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A natural headshot should not make you look younger or as a different person and it must show the best qualities, provide the viewer a glance into the actor’s character and demonstrate their potential and uniqueness.

If you think of traveling to Costa Rica, this might be a very good time and opportunity to update or start your acting portfolio photoshoot in a very unique scenario, a perfect and unique location for example volcano, rainforest, beach, or any other cultural spot found in paradise.

actor costarica
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